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New Concept to Residence Design


Along with the social progress and economic development, people-oriented, green ecological residence and amicable housing and other new concepts of residence are put forward all the time, in order to meet the residential demands of people as well as adapt to people’s requirement to dwelling development and promote the harmonious development of human and society.

Firstly, people-oriented concept refers to respect people’s thoughts because we cannot discuss the residential development without considering people. When studying the living requirement of people, we should meet their needs to improve the residence quality as well. What’s more, with the green ecological measures to pave roads, set table and decorate items, residences are willing to exercise outdoors for a long time, enjoying the warm sunshine and experience the pleasant landscape.

Green ecological residence owns an overall connotation, that is, adapt to local ecology rather than destroy its ecology. It should be green, ecological, and intelligent with energy conservation, low carbon, sustainable development. Green ecological residence comprehensively employs the achievements of modern architecture, ecology, technology and science, creating a vigorous, natural but comfortable and economic living environment for dwellers. Besides, people are aware of the main reason of global climate warming. Unavoidably, the designing idea of green constructions in residence development have to consider saving energy and returning to nature.

Hence, green ecological residence should make good use of solar energy, employ building envelop in energy saving and decrease the times of using heating and air condition. The building materials should take green and environmental friendly materials that are beneficial to human’s health. Meanwhile, green ecological residences have to stress the harmony existence with surroundings to create a comfortable and healthy living environment. As well as improving people’s comfort level with particular treatment in hi-tech, building residences with various of technique will also content the dwellers.

Amicable housing is urgently supposed to present affection when it is satisfied the requirement of people-oriented and green ecology. This kind of new concept is referring to the aging problem which is increasingly serious. And the affection of amicable housing is reflected on the planning programming. In the housing design, it is supposed to accommodate three generations so that they not only have their own living space but the offspring can take good care of the old as well. On the one hand, the old are able to have their own living space, the conflicts between two generations could be reduced; on other hand, it is convenient for their offspring to take care of them and to communicate.

All in all, people would raise higher requirement to their residence with the development of society. In the course of innovating residential designing, it is necessary to taste life carefully, infuse necessary factors into modern residential designing as well as improve the quality, create pleasant living environment.