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1. Buildings with advanced residential technologies, cutting-edge cases (including villas, apartments, integrated houses, etc); 
2. Steel structures, wooden structures, light steel villas, modular houses, sunlight houses, etc;
3. Heat preservation and insulation technologies for building enclosures (roof, curtain wall, coating, fireproof, sunshade, anti-explosion, waterproof, etc);
4. Integrated kitchens, unit bathrooms, hung ceiling and other home decorations;
5. Solar energy, shallow geothermal energy and other renewable energy technologies (PV roofing, PV curtain wall, ground source heat pump technologies, air source heat pump technologies, etc); 
6. Rainwater harvesting, water reuse and other water saving technologies;
7. Energy saving technologies for intelligent houses;
8. Radiant floor heating technologies;
9. Waste disposal technologies, wood-plastic composite equipment and products, etc;
10. Low-carbon indoor & outdoor environmental control technologies (landscape design, LED outdoor lighting, HVAC technology, etc).